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If you are in custody, contact our office before answering any questions.
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Know Your Rights

•You should contact an attorney at the earliest possible opportunity after you are placed under arrest.
• You should arrange and ask for your attorney to be present.
• Know that all statements you make in the presence of officers can and will be used against you in all criminal and civil matters. This includes statements that you had been drinking or that you had been at a place where alcohol is sold.
• Know what the consequences of taking and failing or refusing the Datamaster breath test at the station are, both in your criminal case and through civil proceedings with the Department of Transportation.
• Know how the taking or refusing Datamaster breath test can affect your commercial driver’s license.
• Know your rights regarding phone calls and in person communications with attorneys prior to taking the breath test.
• Know your rights to obtain an independent blood test to challenge a breath test that was not accurate.